Friday, July 25, 2003

Do you remember as a kid when in the course of your exploration you'd come across something very interesting and you'd freeze? You'd cease to move, concentrating real hard, lest that thing you're staring at would go away before you're even ready. Yes? High five! No? Maybe that's just me. It's one of those things I carried over from childhood. I'd always get that way whenever I hear barely heard new wave songs that would remind me of my teenage years (I never really enjoyed high school but somehow I miss it real bad) or something would flash across the screen that's really interesting (like a video or two from MTV, guest appearance of a favorite personality, or the teaser of an upcoming good show). I would block everything during those times when I'm concentrating real hard. Beware my wrath if you dare to distract me in any way possible. Not that it happens a lot of times, just rarely.

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