Monday, July 07, 2003

Here's another new pin-up featuring three of the characters of West Side.

(clockwise from the top: Ben Jr., Jon, and Jay)

This one took me around two days to finish. Ben Jr. and Jay's hat are composites of cloth photographs I got off the net. I was actually anticipating great difficulties in doing Jay's hawaiian shirt. Turns out that the work didn't have to be that meticulous as I first thought it would be. Here's a neat trick I came up with, if you stare at the the big guy's cheek you'd be able to discern the hallmark of mestizoids coming in from the cold to a tropical weather. Wouldja believe that it took more than 10 minutes for me to choose between three backgrounds before I finally settled this one?

This was colored by my good friend and a really talented artist, Ryan Orosco (penciller for Darna #1, and book cover artist for Beerkada). I gave him free rein in choosing the colors and the background, except for Ben Jr.'s clothes (he's in a rock group back home in the U.S.). I like what he did with this sketch.

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