Saturday, July 12, 2003

Here's the first strip for a new series titled: Always Saturday. They're the same two guys in the pen and ink sketch somewhere below (by then I decided to give one of the characters a shave). The idea for the strip started way back in 2001 during an art group meeting in Kentucky, Greenbelt. Basically it's all about two childhood friends realizing their dreams of putting up a hobby store after graduation. There will be geeks and nerds galore, conventions and RPGs, and mucho cosplayers and videogames. Something similar to what Jon, Greg, and Mike had in Arnold Arre's After Eden. The characters and their personalities themselves are based on real people (and a wee-bit based on Kevin Smith's characters - Jay and Silent Bob).

Still in its abstract form, the idea was incubated for about a year and a half before the opportunity presented itself. A classmate from college is working as an Art Director in a local Hollywood-type magazine called FUSION. At first there weren't any available slots but a call some days later confirmed my hunch that they did. I took the title from a new wave song by Guadalcanal Diary.

Check it out in this month's issue of FUSION Magazine.

Unfortunately, the magazine editors had a different idea for the strip. They wanted it to include celebrities. Since the characters and the strip doesn't revolve around celebrities (except maybe for those connected to Star Trek, Star Wars, LoTR, and Matrix) I temporarily discontinued the strip and replaced it with another one. Guess this will have to wait again.

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