Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I didn't get to relax after work last night. I went back to my favorite haunt there was a sizeable crowd made out of yuppie couples filling the tables near the door. I found myself a corner spot and reserved it by placing my copy of After Eden on the table, ordered a hot choco and a cookie, took a couple of PULP magazines from their mag rack and settled down to read. Out of nowhere this lone lady came up to my table and rather forcibly asked if I owned one of the magazines on the table. She's looks like one of those people who would encroach on your personal space and ask many questions. Without saying a word she browsed through the magazine, took two FHMs from the magazine rack and sat down on the chair opposite mine. I couldn't shoo her off so I moved the cookie and the hot coco closer to me and held up the magazine I was reading to block the view and fend off any efforts to start a conversation. I know it was rude but I thought that she was rude to me first. Then a smoker came in blowing smoke like there was no tomorrow, a sign was pasted on a post near the door clearly stating that smoking was prohibited inside the place. And doesn't he know about the no-smoking law? He even lingered a bit before going away. Ten minutes after she first invaded my personal space the lady left but not before slamming her magazines on the chair she sat on. I stayed for another five minutes but I never got to relax right after that. *Sigh!*

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