Monday, July 28, 2003

I just had a dinner with a good friend who's also newly married. Been a long time since we last talked and it's a good thing she dropped by since I was already getting depressed from the lack of good company (being cooped up here at the shop and all). Our dinner subject revolved around the usual problems married couples have after the honeymoon stage: budgets and expenses. I wasn't much of a help to her but I did try to offer some consolation by shedding some light on the male psyche or why we act the way we do. This wasn't the first time we talked about the differences between guys and girls. She tries very hard to put herself in our shoes but there are still some things that are beyond her comprehension. As for me, I'm having some great insights into married life and sometimes I think I'm more than ready for it. I've heard and read almost everything there is to know about being married. I'm confident about my "l33t sk33lz" in giving advice. I'm the bench coach that shoots ringless hoops from outside the lane! HA!

But I wonder what it's really going to be like when my turn comes?

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