Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I like how the mind works, it takes all these images one has filed away in his waking moments and mashes them together. Two of 'em stands out from last night: the first one is about the discovery of Pompeii. In my dream a bunch of archaeologists have fenced off an area of pyroclastic mounds. It's a large area and they were picking and digging around the edges when two kids appeared out of nowhere. They were laughing and started running and jumping up and down on top of one of the many mounds. One kid was at the left of center of the area and the other one was near the fence near the entrance. The group of archeologists shouted at them and warned them off. But before anybody can do anything, the mound near the center collapsed with the kid screaming as he fell though the hole. Then another one where the other kid was jumping also collapsed. Next scene came and it turned out that the mounds were hollow and beneath it lay the entire city of Pompeii. The mounds acted like a dome over two rock clefts (something similar to the entrance to the city of Petra only it's straight like a wall) with an area wide enough to contain an entire city and a height of more than a hundred feet. The ruins were still preserved with some doors and walls retaining their original paint. I can't recall the other things that happened after that.

The second one is about Ernie being influenced by the evil Bert to go on a murderous drive across different states and it was up to Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu as Charlie's Angels to stop them. I didn't get to finish this since I was woken up by our dog.

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