Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I used to think that retailers have one of the best jobs around. Being exposed to different people every minute of everyday doesn't seem boring at all as opposed to being cooped up inside the cubicle of a corporate setting. With that thought I looked forward to serving the people, greeting them as they walk in and answering their questions with a cheerful smile. "Who cares about the low pay" I thought at first, "being around people is the best!" But I didn't count on the types of questions and customers retail people face everyday... It's enough to make even the most sane store owner howl at the moon in frustration. Then came the tale of the Acts of Gord, that told of how one brave "Keeper of the Retail Faith" skillfully parried off the slings and arrows of "Consumer Idiocy" that ruthless customers hurl at retailers everyday.
Tales were told that begged disbelief. "No one," we thought, "Is really that stupid." But the stories continued, and the cries of the wretched grew louder and more plentiful. The stories were true: The Gord had become an Owner in Hell. Witness after Witness held forth tales of lunacy and mental vacuousness.

And when I travelled from the hallowed halls of my Game Store and visited the Game Store of The Gord, the truth became apparent. I have no cause to disbelieve the veracity of the tales told here. The truth, it would certainly seem, is contained herein. Go now, and read of The Gord, and know that he has walked the path of the Game Store Owner, and that he has suffered for all of us.

It's a complete gas like something out of a MAD Magazine or a Kevin Smith movie. Thanks for this one L!

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