Saturday, July 19, 2003

I'm back here at my favorite net café after watching an hour's worth of MTV back at the house. I couldn't let this day pass without writing a progress report on what I'm working on today. I was able to submit one strip yesterday to a local magazine called FUSION, just barely making the deadline. Right now I'm about halfway finished with the West Side strips for the next two weeks. And I'm also very satisfied with the way it turned out. The punchline on these strips I'm working on is right on the money. I'm very finicky with how I set up the punchline in every strip and I would shoot down 2 to 4 initial ideas before coming up with something I'm completely happy with. That's the easy part, I would then have to come up with a great punchline. And only it's because I only have one chance to make it and I have to hit the readers hard and quick otherwise it would only look as if I forced a small burp just to be heard. I'll be writing something, maybe tomorrow, about the work that comes with creating a comic strip.

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