Sunday, July 06, 2003

I'm now here at my favorite new haunt, which is ironically another internet café. One would think that after working in one for 12 hours I would retreat somewhere less technologically inclined like a library or a park. I'm thinking that for that to be really justified I would have to make a trip to Makati and hang out somewhere in Greenbelt. Too far and I'm all alone. Heck, Megamall's too far at this hour. Nope, this new haunt's just far enough from home. They also charge P60.00 for an hour's worth of net surfing (not bad, considering that they have a great OS, quiet ambience with a mix of hip-hop, blues, and pop music playing in the background, and not that many people crowding the place). Put up more tables in the café area near the door and everything's set. Starbucks has become too noisy and the people are too conscious of themselves. They still think that being seen in that place can do wonders to their social status. Uh... Yeah right!

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