Thursday, July 10, 2003

I'm tired. I'm tired of all the requests. I'm tired of all the questions. I'm tired of the way parents would let little kids run around with all impunity. I'm tired of the different attitudes people give off. I'm tired of the smells. I'm tired of them flinging the answers back to me in the form of another question as if they didn't hear what I said the first time. I'm tired of all the noise coming out from the video games. I'm tired of all the shouting. I'm tired of all the laughter. I'm tired of the words "excuse me" being recited one after the other. I'm tired of hearing questions, the endless calls for kuya this and kuya that. I'm tired of being such a nice guy. My nerves are frayed to ribbons and I'm so burned out from this job I'm leaving a trail of ashes everywhere I go.

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