Friday, July 11, 2003

Last night I dreamed I was part of the group of Pixar animators and we were screening a new movie. More like a rough animation for an idea inside an AVR. The animators were all in bright colored hawaiian shirts and were a very lively bunch. After a while the lights were dimmed and the screening started. I haven't got an idea what the picture is all about but there were veiny pink paper monsters with large mouths animated using stop-motion animation. Various members of the audience were obviously providing the "voices" for the characters as they roared "RAAAAARRRRRRR!!!" in sync with the opening mouths on screen. While this was happening someone in front explained the idea for the producers or head animators. I had fun during that "experience" and I was a little disappointed when I was woken up (come to think of it, this dream reminds me a little of the "Wacky Deli" episode over at Rocko's Modern Life). Sometime before that I also dreamed about John Goodman on a setting reminiscent of the Conner home in "Roseanne." Well at least some of it were.

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