Sunday, July 13, 2003

One of the most anticipated films in my list is Mel Gibson's The Passion. Who cares about the lack of subtitles? I laughed hard while watching Chinese dubbed Ran-ma 1/2 in cable before. I was touched by classic animes like Tonari No Totoro even without the help of english subtitles so I couldn't care less if they resurrected a dead language as a medium of communication in this film. It would still work! Case in point. Even after the viewing the writer got into discussion with Mel Gibson along with some of his production staff:
"As cool as that was, the quality of the film was such that the celebrity stuff was completely gone from the moment. I can't explain it really, except that it would be like standing in the Sistine Chapel next to, well, someone like Mel Gibson. Great art is a great leveler...."

Read her reactions to the film and rave along with me!

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