Sunday, July 06, 2003

That's it. We fired my shop assistant yesterday. He wasn't even apologetic or anything, he just dropped by to get some things (to think that my Mom even had to ask one of our helpers early in the morning to go to his house and ask if he's coming to work which he answered in the positive). With a couple of weeks remaining before this business folds up, the least thing he could have done was wait.

The good news is, when I told my cousin about this earlier this morning right after the service (he's a Pastor and his preaching rocks!) he said that he has somebody he could recommend. The someone is also part of our Bible study group and he has the experience and the know-how in computers since he previously worked in an internet café. That same guy called just now and he's okay with the set-up (e.g. salary, working hours, location...) Thank God everything worked out in the end.

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