Wednesday, July 09, 2003

There's something to be said if your mood is up because great things have been happening to people you care about (or at least whose career you're following). Thinking that if you faithfully pursue your dream, you'd eventually get the same big break as they did.

First up is my best friend from college who's now in Los Angeles. The last time we talked over the phone he told me he was fired from his job (he forgot to go back to his office and finish a job after attending a Bible study). Back then he was really worried about his working visa and his status in the U.S. We talked about this and I told him that he shouldn't worry about all this no matter what happens since we know from experience that God takes care of his own. And He did! My best bud sent me this letter today and part of it reads thus:
I now work for MorningStar International. in Torrance, an hour drive, yes im sponsored and Im here to stay, praise God. I work as a graphic designer. in line with my new-found realization that my calling is in the Advertising commercial arts industry. film making was only a part of that whole calling.

I think I hit a major artery here bro, this is big. Pastor Al Manamtam was excited about it. And my friend Joel too, he said hes been praying for someone to hit the
Advertising Industry of this nation. cause no one in the church is actually in the commercial arts industry. by far in MY valley church theres two of us. me included.. theres a guy coming from Nashville, he designes most of the stuff for MorningStar. but i believe the lord is starting something here.

Now you're wondering, If my roomate Nate, who also works in MSI, is moving
to Michigan for grad school, how am I going to work and back when no buses
cater to that route? well, this weekend God blessed me with a vehichle through my uncle. a Mitsubishi 89 4x4 2-door Montero. the total outdoor bachelor roughrider!! its good cause i dont have to pay a hefty down payment but only monthly installments.

man, my dream, and vision has never been bigger, actually, its as it was originally in 3rd college before i got saved.. only now with a greater sense of purpose..could God be behind it all?

lemme know what else is up.


This was a complete turnaround to his situation. A great job, a great car, great friends... what more can one ask for? Well yeah, there are lots of things one could still ask for but this..! This is GRRREAT news! I was so ecstatic over what happened I almost jumped off my chair (I forgot to ask if he met Donita Rose in the L.A. conference last week, that would be totally rad!).

Second one is Scott Kurtz (PvP Online) whose online strips I've been reading for more than two years now. He's one of those who inspired me to write personal thoughts online and to do it in just the right amounts. His success story as an online comic strip artist turned Image artist is something to look up to. Here's what he wrote today in his site regarding his first stint as part of this prestigious company in the upcoming Comic Con:
I will be attending the 2003 Comicon International in San Diego, Next Thursday through Sunday at the San Diego convention center.

I will be signing at the Image booth Friday morning from 11am-1pm. Image Comics will be located at booth 1914.

The rest of the time I'll be sitting at my table. I'm not sure the exact table because I bought in with some other artists. The four tables we're all sitting at are 1405/1407 and 1504/1506. So I'm at one of those four tables.

It should be easy to find me. I'm the guy that has absolutely no business sitting at four tables with Frank Cho, Adam Hughes and Arthur Adams. What's a nerd doing at the cool kid's table? I got no idea. I just hope I don't get beat up.

He's at the same table with these artists?! Wow. I wish I could be just as lucky. Maybe someday I would be able to tell you guys with mounting excitement that I'll be attending a Comic Con and would be sitting with these guys. Most importantly with one of my favorite artists, Scott Kurtz.

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