Tuesday, July 15, 2003

They don't make clouds like they used to. Cloud watching was one of my favorite pastimes back when I was a kid. "Spectacular" doesn't even begin to describe these sights during the afternoons after school. The rays of the setting sun would color the clouds in hues of orange, peach, and gold against a background of blue. Clouds back then looked fluffy like cotton candies and, in my imagination, quite solid enough to grasp in your hands. It wasn't hard to make out a group of faces in one large cluster: leering old men would change into a child's face, while various smiling visages look at each other images of dogs or dragons would appear at their side. Then there would be days when the sun would hide behind them, their frayed edges would cause the peeking rays to be divided in varying degrees. Since an 80's TV show called "Greatest Heroes from the Bible" used the same sight whenever God would speak in the end I half expected God to speak to me in an audible voice from the clouds too. Having them appear in long rows across the sky like white plowed fields or feather-like floating in the sky is another sight to behold. Even storm clouds looked imposing and majestic as they moved fast across the sky, roaring and rumbling as they did like a great herd of grey cattle. Every once in a while some small stragglers would fly low and morph into different shapes as they followed the larger ones in their route. Like some animals these days are these clouds now extinct? I wonder where they've gone.

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