Saturday, August 09, 2003

After closing shop last night I met up with some classmates from high school. These peeps are from that other school I went to in my senior year and it was really great seeing all of them again. Though almost all of them are already married with kids thankfully the course of conversation didn't drift to infant formulas or the kids' schooling. Peter "Balweg" Mendiola even brought along some pictures from high school and seeing oneself in the awkward stage of teenagedom is not recommended. Still I asked him if he could scan a dozen of them so I could post them online. I also learned that a lot of classmates have immigrated to the U.S., particularly in Virginia (what's up with Virginia? Why not California?). We called it a night past 2 in the morning and even then it seems like there's never enough time to catch up with each others' stories. Maybe I should organize another get-together before the year ends.

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