Friday, August 29, 2003

All these talks of Buicks and good old times whetted my appetite for big band music. I'm currently listening to my Tommy Dorsey CD and some of my favorite tracks include I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You, Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Around a Pug-Nosed Dream), and I'll Be Seeing You. The last two titles has Frank Sinatra crooning the words. Read through these while listening to the tracks:
I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces all day through
In that small café, the park across the way
The children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well

I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the mornin' sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you

Close your eyes, let the music wash over you and take you back in time. I can almost hear the "popcorn" noise the needle makes while gliding over the record.

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