Thursday, August 28, 2003

Can anyone hear the music? No, I didn't mean it in the figurative sense. The playful, smiley, kind of piano piece that's playing in the background. That's probably the type music you'd hear if you took a tour inside my brain so it's only fitting that I took it outside and let you hear it while reading through these ramblings. Isn't it fun? I grew up listening to these types along with the usual new wave music (that's what they call alternative back in the 80s, so yeah I'm in that age already). There's something about the tinkling of the keys on a piano, the blaring brass and horns that remind me of the exciting times back then. I was crazy about anything from the 30s to the 50s. I dreamed about having one of those cars and owning an authentic prop from those era. Yeah, those were the days. Crazy, innocent, exciting, and romantic all at the same time.

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