Sunday, August 24, 2003

Click the image to read the strip.

If you live in Southeast Asia then there's no second-guessing who these guys are. To my sister these F4 guys are the Asian equivalent of *NSync in terms of popularity, or maybe BSB depending whose boyband fan you're talking to. They caused quite a stir here in the Philippines by way of a Taiwanese soap opera called Meteor Garden. The live-action soap in turn was based on a shoujo anime called "Hana Yori Dango." For a time almost everybody would drop what they're doing and race home to catch the series. I already watched some episodes of the series and I do admit that it’s quite engaging but it can only go so far. This strip was done during the early part of the F4 mania and well before I watched some of the episodes (I bought a cheap poster for reference). Despite the limited material on hand I'm glad I still did a good job in caricaturing the actors concerned.

The premise of this strip is the meet and greet opportunity given to two fans of the group, part of the supposed concert this month (said event has been moved to the 13th of September). This is the first of the celebrity-spoof series appearing in Fusion magazine.

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