Sunday, August 10, 2003

Fish are friends not food.

We just came back from watching Pixar's latest movie and it definitely is a fun movie. The visuals were stunning and the characters are hilarious! I have a lot of favorite characters there like the Australian shark Bruce who reminds me a lot of one friend if ever he turns into one. The physical resemblance is complete right from the nasty stare, the grin (he has braces), and the general build but I'm keeping this to myself lest he beats me up for saying so. The bring-a-friend and tell-us-a-joke parts of the Sharks Anonymous meeting is really funny. Second is Dory who's really perky and lively even in the face of death. Her forgetfulness and her innocence is hilarious and her "Whale talk" is just too much. She also had a couple of quotable quotes like the time Marlin first told about her about the situation with Nemo and how he promised his son that he would prevent anything bad from happening to him. Dory replied something like: "That's silly! You can't promise that nothing bad would happen to him. If you did then nothing ever will." And another time was near the end of their journey when Marlin's fear gets the better of him, Dory cheerfully egged him on to just trust her. And when they were in a dead-end situation and the only way out seemed like the worst thing they could do their conversation ran something like: "How do you know nothing bad is going to happen?" To which the eternally cheerful Dory replied, "I don't!" She just knows enough when to let go.

Another wonderful character is Ray the science teacher. He didn't have that much screen time but he was really funny during that confrontation between Marlin and Nemo. Crush the surfer turtle is another unforgettable character with his duuuuuude talk (director Andrew Stanton did a great job with the voice). Next up are the seagulls that repeat the same word over and over and over again in the course of their greed. My sister and I were laughing so much during the screening we didn't care if we were the only ones doing so. I plan to repeat this film again until it runs out.

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