Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I got these nifty tips for beating burnout in the workplace from MSN. Here are a couple of ways to slow it down:
• If you have a break room, consider filling it with toys and games. Coloring books will bring you back to your childhood. A puzzle will take your mind off things. Games are fun too.

• If you don't have a break room, get some little toys and games and keep them on your desk. You'll be surprised how many people stop for a moment to play with your silly putty, shake a snow globe or put the magnetic beard on the man.

With that in mind I think I'm on the right track when I bought those two plastic teddy bearbanks from Toy Kingdom last Saturday. I first thought of just buying one, the last aqua-blue colored plastic bear on the shelf after a group of nuns were finished with their shopping spree. It's a simple looking bear with two black dots for eyes and a body looking more like a shiny tubby candle than hard plastic. As I fished out the needed amount for the purchase I found out that I still had an extra cash so I also bought a red one. I'm also eyeing a set of Finding Nemo bathtub toys from that same place and also the other colored bearbanks. They're all going to my shelf of collectible toys and stuff.

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