Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I know, I know traffic is right about normal in these parts of the metropolis around these hours. But a travel time that normally takes around thirty minutes stretching to almost two hours goes way beyond normal.

On the other hand I'm real happy to see Jorge again this afternoon. He's the old friend from high school I was telling you about before, the one whom I based one of my comic strip characters on. He and his brothers are sharing an office space in a condo in Makati so I bought a pizza as a peace offering for invading their place during office hours. Not that it was necessary but I just felt like bringing some grub to break the ice after a long absence. FYI, these brothers "ruled" their respective batches in terms of intimidation and braggadocio but it's a totally different story now. I'd be hard up to find any other person/s who are as humble, polite, respectful, unostentatious, unpretentious, and as appreciative of others' works as these guys. I also met his older brother's wife today (a former model and city counselor) and truth to tell I was a bit intimidated by her hoity-toitiness. I think I was too quiet than normal that Jorge had to ask me every now and then if I'm okay. I just felt a bit out of place with all those business talks that seem to float over my head. Anyway I'm invited back there to have lunch with them on Friday.

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