Sunday, August 24, 2003

I was a bit amused this morning when I saw a mother nudging her little daughter to get on the escalator. It was right after the morning service in Galleria on my way down the mall when I saw them. The hesitant girl wasn't budging; she just looked on the moving platforms wondering how come it never seems to run out. The ever-patient mother would prod her daughter but no matter what she says the girl adamantly refused to get on the constantly changing steps. I guess even the dizzying view from glass railing didn't help things either. From her perspective maybe the thought of riding on the escalator is a lot like riding the roller coaster for the first time. She's unsure whether she could survive the experience of getting on one. But after watching a line of nonchalant shoppers deftly step on the escalator did she only gather enough courage to do so herself. "Hawak ka lang sa 'kin. (Hold on to me)" I heard her mother say as the girl cried for fear of losing her balance. Sure the down view and movement of the stairs is scary, but the steady hand and the presence of her mother did more than enough to help her calm down. She did survive two consecutive rides down the thing and I bet she can't wait to go on the next ride all by herself.

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