Saturday, August 23, 2003

I was bored since it was a long day when I thought of doing poems the Dr. Seuss' way. Something whimsical and funny to make it a little more sunny. Not too long ago with limericks I was enamored, I did so well I knew it would be clamored. I was able to produce a dozen but sadly these days my poetic side's quite frozen. But poetry is an entirely different thing, it involves a lot of stanzas, a fine linguistic string. Now where to start and how? I found a page with works by John T. Baker, of great hilarious poems he's quite a maker.

His works are smart and with this advice I'll be know how to start. I'll be so inspired, a number of poems I'll be able to jot...


If you quibble as you scribble
and ad lib a little curse
When your current composition
gravitates from bad to worse,
And you're soon so sick of assonance
you nearly need a nurse,
Then my friend, congratulations,
welcome to the world of verse.

If you're trying versifying
and applying all your skill
To the task of best describing
a resplendent daffodil
And you mutter and you stutter
like an utter imbecile,
Go lie down at once and quickly
take a tranquilizing pill.

If you're feeling it's revealing
and appealing to emote,
And you treasure every syllable
and word you ever wrote;
When you're always on the lookout
for a literary quote,
You had better ask your doctor
for a potent antidote.

Your endeavor to be clever
may not ever earn you dough,
And the critics claim you're babbling
through your very own chapeau,
But you've wanted long to do it
and it now is nice to know
You are finally a poet
. . . and the stretch marks hardly show.

Then again maybe not.

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