Saturday, August 02, 2003

I'm going to be in TV! Channel 2's Magandang Umaga, Bayan (sort of like Good Morning America) is going to feature a special on toys and local comics in their episode tomorrow. They arranged to shoot the interview here at the shop, which is fine with me since it also gets a free promotion on air. They also interviewed the Toy Lords (a local toy collectors group), my good friends Azrael, Lyndon, and Ryan. I'm excited about all this not because I'm going to be seen in TV but because they highlighted my work! My comic strips finally get the attention it deserves. I also enjoyed the fact that one of the segment director of the show, Eric Go, remembers my strips from way back in the 90s when it was regularly published in a magazine. He was even laughing out loud while reading them. Hehehe... cool.

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