Friday, August 08, 2003

I'm recently came back from a sumptuous feast of a lunch prepared by my friend Jorge in their office. They ordered some Chinese take out and it's just too much. There were large pieces of siomai (sort of like steamed balls of ground beef and pork with pieces of shrimp), fish fillet with vegetables, rice, noodles, and endless numbers of siopao (steamed sweet bread with prepared ground meat inside). The pleasantries were great. His older brother Joseph was also entertaining a client along with a family friend during lunch. Topics revolved around places and restaurants, food preparation, fitness and exercise, and staving off senility in old age. We had coffee afterwards and I watched as my friend played solitaire in their PC while he was answering calls. Then he let me try my hand in it while he talked to his son. I never played any card game in ages, in fact the last time I played with cards was back when I was 13 ("Noah's Ark" to those who are familiar with it). Solitaire was a lot harder than I thought, especially since I didn't have any idea what I was doing.

We had more coffee afterwards and we joined Joseph and their older friend, Tito Wally, in the dining room. Our topic revolved around art and what I do. Turns out that Tito Wally's son is also an artist and took the same course in the same university as I did (though I'm 3 batches ahead of him). In the course of our conversation I also found out that he's none other than Wally Gonzales, guitarist of the Juan Dela Cruz Band, one of the pioneers of Pinoy rock during the '70s! Wow. I'm not really familiar with any of their songs but who hasn't heard of them? I also did a quick sketch of Joseph on a yellow pad upon his request and he was beside himself with delight. Hehehe... After about an hour I bid them all goodbye and was invited to return next week.

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