Monday, August 25, 2003

It's a long weekend and unfortunately ever since I started working in an internet café the meaning of the word "vacation" has long been forgotten. But I'm not some kind of savage philistine without some nights out. Over the weekend I managed to sneak out and watch these highly recommended movies:

Wow. She's purty.

Alex & Emma rocks because of the über-charming Kate Hudson, she plays a variety of characters with various nationalities and, boy, does she play them to the hilt. Sophie Marceau is also in the movie but she pales in comparison to the dreamy Kate. *Sigh* To those who haven't yet watched this wonderful movie, it's all about an accomplished novelist (Luke Wilson) who suffers from a really bad case of mental block and he has exactly 30 days to come up with his third novel or the Cuban mafia, whom he owes a hundred grand, will drop him on his head from his apartment window. So he hires a stenographer (Hudson) to take down the words as he dictates them from the top of his head. They didn't like each at first, in fact the word "loathe" is an understatement. But as the way romantic comedies go they develop feelings for each other halfway through the movie. You might be asking "What's so special about this movie then?" Good question. Well aside from the obvious *Sigh* it answers the query what kind of girl do guys really end up with? Do guys go for the flirty, flighty and sophisticated woman with a French accent or the simple, charming, down-to-earth girl with the electric stun gun? Right.

"First Class, International, Paris." Repeat until it happens.

View From The Top is another TOTALLY fine movie that I recommend. What you've got here is a smalltown dreamer (Paltrow) who achieves everything she wants and more in life. It's like one good advice that was said during the Sunday service last week which goes something like, "Find something you really like to do and you'll never work a day in your life." That's what she did. From being a smalltown gal working in a discount department store somewhere in Nevada to being a flight stewardess in a small unknown airport (big hair and short skirts is their motto) to being a First Class flight stewardess and something else in the end. When the love of her life broke up with her on her birthday, she didn't just curl and die. She bounced back and started having these visions of being a successful stewardess one day. She even got to befriend and be mentored by a successful and powerful former stewardess turned best-selling author (Candice Bergen), who saw a kindred spirit in her. She inspired others to live their dreams and achieve their own goals, she fought and insisted when her rights were trampled, and though she made some mistakes along the way it's well and good that everything worked out in the end. She totally rocks! (there's that word again) You'll really, reeeaaaaaaaally like this movie because it inspires us to start dreaming, and setting up goals, and, with enough faith, to make it all happen. Booyah!

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