Sunday, August 10, 2003

There's this weekly article in the Philippine Star newspaper by Mons Romulo-Tantoco where she asks different personalities trivial questions or whatever issue is at hand. This time she asks a handful of famous artists: When And Where Are You Most Creative?
"It usually happens when I'm really very tired. This is early in the morning and I've been working for hours. I warm up and then my creative juices just flow. This usually happens at work. When I'm alone I sleep." - Joel Torre, actor/director

"Most definitely very early in the morning while everything is still quiet. And sometimes even during that brief drive to the office. Actually it even starts a few hours before I wake up. It's these design ideas that serve as my internal alarm clock." - Architect Conrad Onglao

"1) When I have a deadline to meet and I'm running out of time; 2) After seeing beautiful scenery. 3) After listening to Ennio Morrione's Love Affair and Cinema Paradiso, Dave Gruisin's Havana and John Williams' soundtracks; 4) When my family and I are just hanging around the piano in our living room." - Louie Ocampo, musical director

"I was most creative in school while daydreaming in class." - Quark Henares, director

"Ideas come to me at various times and from many sources. But it is late at night when I get to do sketching, draping, patterns and a lot of reading and research." - Inno Sotto, fashion designer

"After dinner, when I'm in my bedroom, that's the time I come up with ideas. Beside my bed are a pen and a notebook where I write my new ideas on anything. I have to write them down otherwise, I won't be able to sleep thinking about them." - Malang, artist

"My creative juices flow best when I am at my happiest or most depressed. This happens anytime, anywhere.

"I cannot be at peace unless I have said my piece about whatever. Ironically, this is why I am appreciated by others and condemned by some." - Joey Javier Reyes, director/writer

"During the magic hours, which is neither sunrise or sunset. This could be by the beaches of Boracay or Coron." - Patrick Uy, photographer

This is one of the things my friends and I talked about last Friday. Usually there's no formula to induce creativity, one way doesn't work for another. While one artist would demand total silence, another may thrive in the middle of complete chaos. It wouldn't be natural if there's only uniformity. We're not wired that way. In this aspect diversity and individuality works out best to produce the uniqueness of each work.

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