Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Click the image to read the whole strip.

These are the Star Wars strips I made for last Sunday's event. I re-edited the colors and added some minor details that may not make any difference to the readers but matters a big deal to an 'ole nitpicker like me. It's a paradox actually, the way I draw simple drawings on paper and then slave away in front of the computer for almost a day adding the most minute details that nobody notices. But I do it anyway. Suffice to say I'm really proud of these and I do hope to get the hang of making the Sunday formatted strips on a regular basis.

You know the drill! Get to it hup-hup!

Another thing I'd like to point out is the way I tend to forget that a lot of you out there reads these strips. Of course I do know that but it still surprises me to no end when someone comes up to me to say that I'm doing a good work. It's like when they do that I'd get all saucer eyed and ask, "Who? Me?" Then I'd look around to make sure that I'm the recipient of that particular praise. I'm not one to look for appreciation after being humbled a lot in this area but when it's given I get all "awshucks..." and bashful. Truth to tell I'd rather hear that my work made someone's day rather than win an award (not that any award is not appreciated, I just take these things as they come). With that in mind when I read this post in Ganns' blog I got real warm and fuzzy inside.
Another up-and-coming cartoonist (at least as far as I know; this guy could've been the bomb, and I could be the latest to jump onto his bandwagon) is Ariel Atienza, who maintains a series of strips, most notably Class and West End. Ariel is Christian, and his art, IMHO, is reminiscent of Doonesbury meets Mad Magazine. Classily drawn and expertly colored, I have no doubt great things will happen for Ariel.

It's like, wow, that's one of the biggest compliments I ever received. Thank you! I really appreciate that. For a long time I've been so afraid of success and you guys egged me on saying I've got what it takes. Well guess what? I think it's time I faced up to that fear and showed him I can't be cowed anymore. Don't worry, we'll change that "could've" word soon enough.

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