Monday, September 29, 2003

First it was the good news, then the bad news, then the good news, and then, finally, the bad news that persists to this day. The good news is (or was) we had a DSL connection, but we lost the phone connection. Yesterday morning a couple of phone repairmen came and fixed the phone but we lost the DSL connection. How about that? Sigh...

I also heard the good news that one of my good friends from church is finally getting married! I was told that the engagement was made yesterday and it turns out that he ended up with the girl we were teasing him to (although it was more of a private joke among us). It's true, they're both in their early 30s; he's too kid-like to get too serious about settling down while she was too focused on the youth ministry. Or so we thought. Anyway I wish them both the best of everything that life could offer and more.

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