Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Here's an original work I did for a creative writing class I took some years ago. This was originally planned for a bedtime story book for 6-8 year old kids and one of two that I wrote.
I Have A Friend

I have a friend who I know is true.
He saw me when I was in my mother’s tummy.
He watches over me when I sleep and greets me everytime when I wake.
He’ll never leave me alone for no reason at all.
He’s a father, a big brother, a cousin, and a best friend all in one.
He’s there when I’m happy.
He laughs at my jokes and corrects me when I’m wrong.
He protects me from danger and teaches me a lesson when I insist on my own way.
He’s always there when I’m hurt.
I can cry on his shoulders when I’m sad.
I can talk to him about so many things and he would never get tired.
I could ask him all the questions that bother my mind: Like why are there seven colors in a rainbow? Or why can’t I see the wind? Or how did he ever think of flowers and trees? Or tigers and Giraffes?
I love my friend and I know that he loves me.
How do I know? Because he told me when he showed me his hands.

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