Sunday, September 14, 2003

I lost my 3rd phone today due to plain clumsiness. Maybe that's why I went through only four out of the five stages of grief and even then I learned to accept the situation right after denial and anger and right before I got depressed about the whole thing. I even thought of a what-if situation, that if I didn't go to my high school alma-mater to take some reference pics then maybe, just maybe I wouldn't have lost it. But then again, I would have still lost it someplace else. My Mom says that I should look for a replacement ASAP and that she'll help me a little bit with the financing thing. I'm all mixed up inside on this, on one hand I really love that phone, its features (the birthday reminders... gone), and the number, but on the other I was already thinking of retiring it in favor of a new one and I did copy some of the more important numbers in my other cheaper phone (which my Mom's using right now, having lost her own phone almost a month prior to this loss).

Moving on, I went with my Mom to watch the tail-end showing of a stageplay musical titled "The Last Five Years." She's been looking foward to this play ever since she read about it last summer and I wouldn't deny her the privilege of seeing it (even if it means missing out on some priorities). What can I say about it? Well, uh... it was good. It was really different from all the other plays that we watched. Though I must say having the whole story sung by two people, with different points of view for one and half hours straight takes a lot of getting used to. It felt like the lyrics of the songs were gliding over my head straight into the other people in the audience. There were three songs that were really likeable but I can't say the same for the play. It's just too "elite" for me. Might I also mention that I'm currently working on this week's strip and I'm surprised the work load's a lot easier than the usual. Wow. Thanks Dad!

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