Monday, September 15, 2003

I went again to my friend Jorge's office this afternoon and I brought someone from the photographer's shop so they could discuss everything that comes with the wedding package (which is really neat-o since they could have copies of the whole event on DVD and VCD). I met his parents for the first time too. His Dad, a retired Army General was more reserved (calling me something like a hippie for sporting a beard, but in a friendly manner) while his Mom's quite the opposite. When I was introduced she smiled and asked "Ikaw ba yung pinakamabait sa inyo?!" (Are you the friendliest one in your batch?) She then advised me to stay from Jorge and Dennis so I wouldn't be tainted by their heinousness. Hehehe... what a mom. She also mentioned the fact that Jorge had been bragging about me and the things I've been doing. Wow and to think that I was the one looking up to him back in high school. There were a lot of grub like the last time and his older brother's wife was also there looking a lot more youthful than the last time. I probably should have mentioned to him that I lost my phone yesterday. I should've told him that. I bought a new umbrella on the way home since the one I brought was stolen along the way. It cost a lot more but it's a lot bigger and better than the one I lost.

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