Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Jorge, a good friend from high school sent me a text message last Sunday asking for an appointment so's we can discuss the photographer I've contracted for his upcoming wedding. When I got to their office his friend from College was their discussing the design for the invitation and the list of particulars needed to be printed, while waiting for my turn I sent a text to a handful of contacts asking for referrals (though the friend of a friend already blocked off his sked for the wedding date I couldn't contact him to arrange an appointment). Given the very small budget alloted for the job, thankfully I managed to get around three names that could be called. I promised to give these contacts a ring and bring them over to their office as soon as possible. Also, to make up for this faux pas I brought over the finished caricature of his fianceé. That got him into a really good mood he showed it his brothers and everyone in the office. We didn't get to talk that much though since he had a surprise visit from a girl friend and her officemate, he also called over his best friend Dennis (another classmate of mine from high school) from the next building. Dennis managed to put everyone in a good mood by being his big flirty self. As a matter of fact he had a lot of spontaneous one liners I could use for the strips. After three cups of coffee, a snack of steamed salmon they had lying around, and a couple of take-home snacks I left their office around 5:45 pm.

I just finished doing this week's submission to Philippine News and I still have one more strip to do tonight when I get home. Az is here at the shop surfing the net, we'll be having some discussion about the plans for the artists' support group meeting this Friday. Gotta have me a late dinner too after closing shop.

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