Friday, September 05, 2003

Just came back from my college alma mater, UST, for a book selling cum signing spree. The Commerce Journal from the College of Commerce (duh!) was sponsoring some seminars on Literary and Visual Arts and they invited our artists' support group, Artists' Den, to grace the event with an exhibit, book signings, and lectures for interested students. It was a lot of fun with truckloads of students coming in every hour to check out the goings on. We started around 8 am till about 5:30 pm. Here are some pictures for ya to browse:

You call this art?!

These are the exhibited works near the stairs. A couple of them checking our Ryan Orosco's comic pages for an upcoming collaborative work with Lyndon Gregorio titled Stricken. Those four illustrated figures below mine belong to another talented illustrator, John Velasco.

For the life of me I can't see how this can be funny.

It's moments like these that make an cartoonist's heart grow three sizes larger.

"Aha! Doodling in class!"

Some minutes before the seminar started, three daring students approached a mysterious cartoonist for a quick sketch. They were never seen again.

Artists don't pay attention to lectures.

(l-r) Rex, Lyndon, Ground Zero artists, Azrael, and me. Here we are waiting for the organizers to finish setting up the tables where we'll be book signing. In the meantime we were heckling two of our fellow artists, Ryan Orosco and Wilson Tortosa who were giving a lecture before a group of students.

"Aaaaww! They so cute!" Thought five innocent students moments
before they fed the artists some peanuts. Pandemonium followed.

We tried to look busy to avoid looking too embarrassed by the attention.

Eight hours later and we're still smiling.

(l-r) Jon, Joanah, Syeri, me, Lyndon, and Rex (hidden). By mid-afternoon the students were really crowding the tables and a group of Fine Arts students were showing their portfolios for critiquing. They walked away scarred and traumatized, vowing not to become comic artists after graduation.

Some students from the College of Education and Fine Arts & Design wanted in on the fun and asked if we could do the same for them. While of course there's no problem with that we just asked them to arrange it with their student orgs and write to us about it. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we could do this again in other schools and maybe in the other colleges. Haul off to Syeri's site for more of them pics.

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