Thursday, September 25, 2003

Just came home from the second On-Air Awards, a prime-time program where people can visit one of the booths scattered around town and do their stuff in exchange for 15 minutes worth of fame. This time the event finished earlier than last year's since they already decided on the winners and did away with the Oscar-awards-call-out-the-nominees-first-and-bore-them-to-death routine. The guest performers this time is also cooler although I have to criticize some of their actions on-stage, not caring if there are 4-6 year old kids in the audience. One of my friends also won the top spot: I Don't Give A Flying *toot-toot-toooooot!* Award. Yeah it's true, she ranted against this high school batchmate of hers. I don't know what he did but he got a lot of verbal abuse on national TV with some of the audience cheering her on. Along with most of the people in that place I could only react with shock on my face.

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