Wednesday, September 17, 2003

On my way home from an errand this afternoon I stopped by a McDonald's store and had a meal. I took my seat on the second floor and for almost a minute I didn't touch my meal and instead stared outside the window and watched the world go by. Just like that time during our trip to Sydney during the summer when I would just stare out the window from our hotel room and just watch the people. The bird's eye view of the people going about their business is just so amazing. During that time I almost forgot to touch my burger and drink just taking in the view. There's nothing really extraordinary about these views, in fact they were so ordinary you wouldn't think anything of it and maybe you'd try to engage me in a conversation to pass the time. I can't pretend to understand it myself but the sight is nothing short of awesome for me. It's like God himself allowing me the privilege of seeing people the way he sees them. Precious individuals each with a story to tell, a rant waiting to be said, or a bunch of news waiting to be shared. It's times like these when I could wish that I could freeze time or hope that it would never end.

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