Wednesday, September 17, 2003

See these pearly whites? They're way better than yours!

I've been meaning to watch Daddy Day Care ever since I first saw the trailer and I'm happy to report that it doesn't disappoint! Yerz! It's not as breathtaking as Finding Nemo but both come with the same flavor that makes you keep coming back for more. Hmmm... What do I like about this movie, let me count the ways: One, the importance of spending quality time with your kids while you're still able; two, listening to everything they have to say (even if they use Klingon language); three, your intention of providing what's best for them is not as important as having you beside them; four, it's not really embarrassing to still be a kid at heart; five, men can do things women can do; six, let the kids have fun and don't ever, ever take away that privilege from them, and seven, women can never fill in what father-figures roles are supposed to do. Like that wonderful fish movie, Daddy Day Care shows the importance of fathers in a kid's life. Only fathers can provide most of the answers that kids need in their journey through life. Like for example that kid that doesn't want to take off his Flash costume (I think it's been more than a month already), or that nasty kid that kept on hitting theirs shins, or that little girl that looks too intellectual for her age (even though she never had the urge to read yet), these kids found what they wanted in Charlie (Eddie Murphy) and Phil's (Jeff Garlin) day care center (moms are important too but only Dads can validate a person's identity). But I would have to balk at that one act where Jeff's character had to bribe this kid a dollar just to behave and having them watch the Three Stooges at such an impressionable age is a no-no. All in all for me this is a really funny and entertaining movie, something that I'm thankful this summer lot's got a whole gaggle of. Good thing this movie became such a huge hit in the US they're now developing a sequel titled Daddy Day Camp, can't wait for that one.

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