Monday, October 27, 2003

After getting the idea from Carlo's blog, I decided to go ahead and try Googlism and here are the more interesting results out of 91 (yeah I counted 'em, you should too):
ariel is caged at the pillars (is this a freudian thing?)
ariel is singin' the blues (nobody knows the trouble I've seen...)
ariel is up from under by greer fay cashman (tufferin' tuccotash!)
ariel is an albino bunny (no! really?)
ariel is de twaalfde van de satellieten van uranus (Yaah!)
ariel is faintly visible from the earth through large ground based optical telescopes (only on clear nights)
ariel is a mischievous airy (go figure)
ariel is made from some of the best premium grapes grown in california (no wonder everyone acts weird around me)
ariel is registration number "gov 132" (got it)
ariel is above age level (now what's that supposed to mean?)
ariel is an "imaginary" friend (boo!)
ariel is flat (preposterous!)
ariel is not your average 18 year old (oh yeah! bring it on!)
ariel is good for white clothes (don't forget the black ones too)

This only proves there are still a lot of things I don't know about me.

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