Sunday, October 26, 2003

I attended another wedding today, this time a good friend and barkada from College, Andy. The invitation's an ingenious work of his, a DVD of their history together, which also doupled as a wedding souvenir. With Andy leaving bachelorhood to settle down with Moira, this leaves just five of us in the group composed of 11 people that isn't still married. When is it going to be my turn? Honestly I'm torn between finding bliss with someone in my arms and my enjoying singlehood for a few more years. Hmmm...

Everybody's happy, more so the groom.

Have I ever recounted the dreaded moment in all weddings for me? It's the throwing of the garter and every one's eyes are fixed on you as you go and make a complete fool of yourself. I even planned my escape to the restroom once I hear the call for all single women to start lining up and catch the bouquet. But the organizers were wise to the schemes of guests like me. The emcees asked the bride and groom to start calling their friends to the front for no apparent reason. Once us doomed people are gathered they bring out a bouquet tied with lots of purple and yellow ribbons. Then they asked the girls to pick one purple ribbon and the guys to pick one yellow ribbon. My heart was racing like crazy when I realized it was a trap. One of those ribbons was rigged to make one (un)lucky couple stay in front to do their bidding. Guess what? It turned out to be me and an officemate of Andy! I looked back at the table to see my friends laughing at my predicament. Surprisingly what I anticipated to be a total nightmare turned out to be something of a good experience. They just asked us to lock arms and drink the champagne from a glass and for me to start pecking the girl on the cheek for a full ten seconds. It was ok. Wish I had a shot of myself onstage though. That would have been nice souvenir.

* More pictures can be seen here.

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