Monday, October 13, 2003

I bought a new book today, Creativity for Graphic Designers since I have to come up with at least five designs with one color graphics for the reunion invitation. The next meeting's been moved this Thursday to better accomodate some of us who would be attending my good friend Jorge's wedding this Saturday. I already have two to three intial ideas and I'm going to tweak it around and see what direction these will take.

In other news...

I also did a search on my name using Google and aside from the some friends' pages and a lot of spanish sites, I came across a pleasant surprise here in KOMIKASA
Research List:

- More info on creators like Ariel Atienza, Ernie Chan, E.R. Cruz, Fred Carrillo, and Vicatan.

For the life of me I don't remember submitting my name to the list. Now I wonder what good samaritan did? To you, good sir or ma'am, I'm indebted. I shall strive to contact them the soonest time possible to see what else can be done to help promote my work.

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