Friday, October 10, 2003

I finally got to attend the meeting that a couple of high school friends and their partners are doing for an online portal. The project promises to be something big and I already had my work cut out for me. I'm tasked to do the drawings for the 15-second flash intro using my CLASS characters and then some. I haven't really done any kind of animation except for some half-baked project during college. I have to submit the reworked (read: simplified) designs of the characters early next week so we can work on the storyboard and timing. Deep inside I'm thinking Can I really do this? I'm in on the project because of a recommendation of a common friend and gee... I hate to disappoint them all if I don't get to it as soon as possible.

I also finished the last of the seminars for driving and I'm scheduled to go behind the wheel in two weeks for an hour's worth of lessons. I'm really upbeat on this driving lesson thing and I do hope the driving instructor's got a lot more patience than the last one.

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