Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I'm starting the long and not-so-lonely road to driving school today. I attended the first of a two-day seminar this afternoon and I'm going to have the actually driving lessons on Monday (1 hour tutorials for 10 days). I wouldn't have taken the initiative on my own by my Dad thought that it was high time I started driving. Given the traffic situations here in our country I still think that commuting to and from my intended destination is much faster than driving. And the fact that I'm the only one in the family not driving a car doesn't help things either.

I would have learned the necessity of this... sport much earlier if it wasn't for a couple of grouchy driving instructors who snarled and growled at every mistake that I made. It was a long time ago and besides I got a lot from walking way before I learned it was a great way to exercise. Though I'm looking forward to finally being able to bring my own car and ferrying some friends and returning countless favors to them for bringing me home, I'm thinking that this could bring additional stress to an otherwise peaceful time. Hmmm... I could be counting the broken eggs along with the chickens here.
* drums fingers on the table *

Yeah, could be, but... Naahh! I'd rather be positive about it than anything else.

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