Monday, October 06, 2003

It was a bit of challenge to try and make faces before the camera

Yesterday’s activity was a blast and I really enjoyed bonding with three good friends (and surviving members of the original Artists’ Den members): Lyndon Gregorio, Azrael Coladilla, and Ryan Orosco (he scored some tickets to the Enchanted Kingdom). We met right after lunch and took a bus to Pacita, Laguna, a jeep to somewhere near Sta. Rosa, and a tricycle right to the gates of the amusement park. We wanted to try out the bumper cars when we first got there but there was a long line so we settled for the kiddie roller coaster ride beside it. Then some stomach churning swings at the pendulum-like Anchor’s Away. It was fun at first but after some up and down motions I was already beginning to feel a bit queasy. Then it’s off to Log Jam for some wet fun (that’s the first 2 pictures above). Then we went halfway around the park and tried out Stan Lee’s 7th Portal. I got more queasy and afterwards bought an anti-dizziness medicines at the souvenir shop across the ride. We even got ourselves some souvenir mugs! Then we deposited it in the lockers for safekeeping, and we tried the revolving swings. After a few turns the medicine doesn’t seem to kick in but I was still alright. We ate pizza, tacos, and had softdrinks (the drinks did the trick of eliminating the dizzy spells). After a bit of walking they tried the roller coaster but I wasn’t up for it since I almost threw up the first time I rode in it. The sun was already setting and while waiting for them I took some shots of the huge ferris wheel in the distance using my phone. The shots turned out great and hopefully I would be able to upload it as soon as I’m able. We had the most fun and laughter at the Rio Grande rapids, we were also sopping wet after the ride. You’d think that we would move to other rides for a change but nooooo we had to ride it some more! Hehehe… we didn’t really care if it means catching pneumonia because of the chill wind. We even caught a couple more rides at Log Jam since we were already wet. We also rode the other rides in between and the bump cars were a big hit (pun unintended) with us too. We had so much fun we almost didn’t catch the last bus home that night. Before heading back home we ate some donuts and discussed the day’s activities and next week’s sojourn back to the park to try out the other rides we didn’t get to ride.

* In connection with this you have to check out Lyndon strips for next week.

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