Saturday, October 18, 2003

It's my good friend Jorge's wedding today. There's a not a lot of us invited to the ceremony and it was a good thing that our high school batchmate Robin was also invited (he's my ride to and from the venue). I was woken up by my Mom early in the morning saying I should be hopping on to my friend's house to get my bag containing the brand new cellphone I bought for my brother. The story here is I left the bag inside Jorge's car two days prior when his fiancée left early from a meeting we attended. I sent him a text message asking if I could drop by at that time, he texted me back saying he would be home at 10 am since he was still in class. He still has time to attend his classes on his wedding day? Wow.

I left the house around that time on the way there. At first I mistakenly thought that he was at his parents' house and I even told him that I was waiting outside. Good thing his house is near their place. On the way home I dropped by the mall to buy a pair of leather shoes and have my watch fixed too. I even fixed the final design of the reunion invitation before preparing for the event, good thing I finished everything (including the bath and dressing) before Robin dropped by to pick me up. His being invited was a last minute thing and he needed help in going to church. We got to the place right on time, the ceremony promptly started at 1 pm and finished an hour later. Funny thing too, the priest kept on pronouncing Jorge's name the traditional way (Hohr-heh). Here are the pictures I took using the digicam function of my phone (Yeeeeee!):

They were about to go to the car when somebody mentioned that we forgot to give them a grand exit by throwing rice or something. Robin found a bag of rose petals lying on a table near the door.

So we asked the newly wed couple to go back and walk back to the door while we threw the petals while the cameras were rolling.

This was before the line to the buffet table began. Robin and I congratulated the couple, having missed the welcome by the door. Jorge was asking if we could accompany his MBA classmate who came alone, sadly it seems she didn't proceed to the reception. Did I mention that Sheila's a much, much younger than us and that her eldest brother is actually a long lost batchmate of ours? Before this, we had no idea who Jorge was talking about. Memories get a bit hazy with some classmates who're too quiet. By the way, the reception was held at the brand new Army Club House in Fort Bonifacio.

Each and everyone was also called to give their thoughts and advice to the couple (except me since I hid from view to avoid being called). Jorge's Dad has this to say to his son: Stop smoking! Seems that he gave up smoking a long time ago and he's scared for his sons for doing the same.

For those who're not familiar with this one, doves symbolize true love between married couples because they mate for life and actually help each other in raising their chicks unlike most other birds.

At least they're more cooperative than those birds in front of the camera.

Now that I'm seeing it again, that cake looks downright good.

Just a nibble and a taste there.

Here's the obligatory champagne toast before the cameras. By this time almost all the senior guests have already left leaving them to perform these ceremonies for the video crew and us friends.

They were not familiar with the locking of the arms while drinking from the glass so they passed it. Besides it looked too hard to do.

Robin here's putting the garter on Jorge's sister-in-law, former San Juan councilor Grace Ibuna. The catch-the-garter game is the most dreaded part of the reception for me, it was a good thing that there weren't that many people around anymore. Us single guys let the garter fall to the floor, unfortunately it landed near Robin's foot so he got picked.

The reception was officially finished around 4 pm and Jorge asked (nay, commanded like a true bully) us to stay around to have some drinks. They brought out bottles of scotch and brandy including the really big ones. We gathered around two tables along with some other friends, friends of his brothers, common friends, and some client/friends of theirs. I just took teeny-tiny sips since I really, really hate the taste. I preferred the taste of champagne and I held on to my glass for hours. Laughter and fun was the order of the night as 80s pop and new wave music blared in the background. Some got drunk a bit faster than the others and they brough the house down with their jokes and deadpan humor. When the brandy ran dry, beer was served. It felt good being accepted in their company, a far cry from the days of high school. Joseph (Jorge's oldest brother) even gave me a high five. We also continued our talk with Sheila's brother and Dad and got to know him a little better.

We all ribbed Jorge and Sheila that they still didn't have the first dance as husband and wife. Joseph started it when a slow song started and he was feeling really good about the whole thing.

"Side by side with your loved one, you'll find enchantment here. The night will weave its magic spell, when the one you love is near! Oh this is the night, and the heavens are right! On this lovely bella notte!" (Composed by George Givot from the "Lady and the Tramp" OST)

After they retired for their honeymoon in New World Hotel we still continued on with our bonding sessions. I never had this much fun laughing, I was almost rolling down on the floor. We all had so much fun, Joel (Jorge's youngest brother) invited us to come back on Tuesday to celebrate his birthday at their place. Awright! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that almost all of us in that place bonding were Bosconians although coming from different batches. There were other girls there too and they so enjoyed laughing along with us they complained their face were starting to hurt.

We broke up the party around midnight (8 hours after the reception!) when the bar closed. I went straight home while the others continued on to a bar in Ortigas to watch a friend perform. What a night.

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