Sunday, October 12, 2003

Just came home from another core group meeting for our high school reunion in December. It was a bit disappointing at first given the fact that one of batchmates promised to shoulder the cost of expenses for the food and drinks we should have had tonight but due to unforeseen circumstances (he had to take care of the kids) he couldn't leave the house. It would have been better if he informed us ahead of time instead of waiting at the last minute to drop the bomb. We could and should have held the meeting back at Ardi's in Makati instead of having it in Manila.

We still pushed through with the meeting and I got to present my homework before the group. I was put in charge of making the invitations and I managed to snag some figures and costs at the last minute. I know I shouldn't do it that way and I promised myself it would be better the next time. We still haven't nailed down the final venue for the event (it was either at a brand new port behind Manila Hotel or the new Army Officer's Club House in Fort Bonifacio we're still waiting for the final arrangement for that Port thingie). During the updating of the status of our batchmates we were happy to find out that one of them is in charge of selling some badminton equipments. This news, with it being the latest rage to get people off their bums and start exercising, was met with great enthusiasm.

One of the funny things I observed in that restaurant, Pantalan Maynila was the serenade made by a groups of instrumentalists dressed in typical Filipino costume. The songs ranged from the inane to sappy, including the closing song of Meteor Garden: Penny Lai's Ni Yao De Ai. It was a sight to see the female singer dressed in baro't saya singing "Wo ming bai Wo yao de ai, hui ba wo chong huai, xiang yi ge xiao hai Zhi dong zai ni huai li huai...". But aside from that nothing really memorable happened tonight. We convened the meeting at around 11:30 pm and since most of the guys had wives to go home to we decided to call it a night. Jorge volunteered to bring me to the bus stop in Makati so that I wouldn't have any problems in going home. On the way there we talked about the meeting and the problems that cropped up. We also talked about why some of our batchmates didn't like going to reunions and seeing the others. He was really mad at the reactions of some of those he got to talk to. I went down the bus stop and he went on to fetch his fiancée in Laguna. Went home without a hitch. I'll be dropping by his office on Monday to pick up some stuff.

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