Friday, October 31, 2003

Just got home from another high school batch meeting. I thought I was even late for the meeting since it was slated to start at 8:30 pm and I was just leaving the house at that time. For a good reason though, I crammed two designs for the shirts to show the others. I even missed a call from Jorge who asked me what time I was going. I got to the place a little past nine and it was a good thing we were still not complete. Meeting got on the way around 10 pm when some of our batchmates finally arrived. Booze, chow, and stories abounded while we discussed the details of the preliminary reunion this December. The venue was finalized, details for the information inside the invitation was finalized, registration fee, programme, and the shirt designs that I made was passed around. We talked about the other classmates we haven't seen since grade six and the chance of contacting them for the reunion. We laughed at the stories from our past, we even planned to invite our teachers to the reunion. We all agreed that no matter how many times we hear the stories, we still get a good laugh out of them. The discussions even veered toward political issues, particularly that of the recent coup. Jorge got some insider information about the people that lead the failed attempt since his Dad was a high ranking officer in the Philippine Army. His younger brother, Joel, even joined us for a bit before joining his other friends back home. We broke up the party around 12:30 am since Robin had to go somewhere in Ortigas where a friend of his was performing in a bar (he's my ride home). We agreed to hold the next meeting next Saturday in Parañaque, where another batchmate of ours is having a birthday party and he has requested that we hold the meeting in their place. The thing I realized about these gatherings with booze is that people don't drink them to get drunk but rather as way of bonding together, if at all the booze was drunk moderately. And it is the bonding with these old friends that I'm after, to hear their stories and to just connect with them. I know we're not going to be here for the long haul and it would be great to try and reach out to them while I'm still able. Lord knows how much I appreciate these friends of mine.

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