Monday, October 06, 2003

Last Saturday I met up with so me batch mates to plan out our 15th graduation anniversary from high school. The organizer, our batch rep, Robin was a bit disappointed at first thinking that only three of us would be showing our mugs. I arrived at Ardi’s in Makati a little past 8:30 in the evening. We talked and caught up with each other’s business and he updated me on the plans for the evening. Next to arrive is another old classmate and now Manila City official and the incumbent Mayor’s son, Arnold. He’s sore disappointed with the times he missed the alumni homecomings in our school since he wasn’t informed of the dates. We’ve been classmates for most of our elementary days and half of high school. We were always seated next to each other since we both possessed the same surnames and the same first letter in our names. This also caused some confusion on the part of our other classmates since we used to call each other by our surnames (I think it’s the usual practice in most high schools) so came up with his nickname, Ali. The others came in trickles in the course of the evening until we reached a total of 10 including Jorge who dropped by along with his fiancée. The meeting went underway over some drinks and chow, and though we didn’t finalize anything yet due to the lack of number of attendees we managed to delegate the work among ourselves and talk about it the following week. We wrapped it up sometime before midnight and proceeded to a popular Club called Wasabi near the hub of activity in Makati. One of our classmates was supposed to be the resident DJ for that night so it would be nice to surprise him. We were the ones surprised when he wasn’t there. The music was cool (popular tunes from the 80s) so we stayed a while for some nightcap before heading home around 2:30 a.m.

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