Thursday, October 02, 2003

My good friend Jorge sent me a text message announcement right around 10 a.m. today announcing the news that one Fr. Hubert Bernales from our High School alma mater died in his sleep last night. I pondered on the name trying to recall if he was in office during our four year study in that school. It's quite sad considering that this priest was the Chairman of the committee for the Golden Anniversary of our school next year. Me thinks that he died peacefully in his sleep. On his second text message, he passed another announcement for the meeting of our High School batch this Saturday in Makati, presumably for the 15th anniversary our graduation next year. It would nice to see the others again. Our numbers have been dwindling in each succeeding Alumni Homecoming that we have each year. Ironically those that stayed loyal to our high school batch reunions right now are those rascals and bullies that had frequent run-ins with the Asst. Principal. We haven’t heard anything yet from those who are consistent do-gooders. Makes you wonder why. While me, I can’t be neatly categorized in high school. I’m not one of the nerds, geeks, or do-gooders since I don’t consistently good grades and I’m definitely one of the cool guys or those who bully others. I just stand in the background observing everything that’s happening and the people going about their business. I don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with me it’s that simple. Once in a while one or two of those bullies would pick on me to get a reaction. But in analyzing those so-called “bullies” nowadays, I think they’re part of the wannabes and they pick on those who don’t give a hoot about them. It’s probably like some way to upgrade their status to “full status” bullies. Now that’s pathetic. But that’s how it is in high school and why it makes for one very interesting study in psychology… and comic strips.

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