Friday, October 31, 2003

The past couple of nights' events made up for the lack of nights out during the week. Tonight's outing is my first costume party in years with the New Worlds Alliance. This is a large association of different pinoy fan groups of sci-fi movies and TV shows (ever since becoming a believer I stayed away from celebrating this annual holiday, but after a some years I thought why should we let the devil have all the fun? This night should be redeemed too). Well since I am a member of the Matrix Philippines group it would be easier to assemble the right look. I had all the black clothes I needed: long sleeves polo, black slacks I used back in college, and a suit/trench coat I used in our high school prom (this was more than 15 years ago but it still fits me to a tee) and a new fangle sunglasses I bought a week before. I could go as one of the Zionites! I lacked a gray-silver necktie to complete the look. I braved the crowds at Megamall and made a bee-line to the lie racks, then to the cash register (in my haste I initially gave them my ATM card) and back home. Turns out that Az already called twice regarding our meeting before heading to the party. I called him and confirmed the time we should be meeting in Starbucks. I'll be heading off there soon and will be posting whatever happens at the party.

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